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      She shall decide, said Trafford, gravely, almost solemnly. I acknowledge your right to ask me such a question. Not only because you have been a father to her, but because I have brought so much trouble upon you.

      He paused again. It was hard work, this proposing to a girl without telling her that you loved her.

      As he did so, Esmeralda, followed by Norman, entered the room by the window. She saw the two at the piano. Trafford bending over the player, and the color rose to her face, then left it ivory pale. She stood quite still, looking at them."You may be glad to think how much you did towards making my life happyhappier than it ought to have been." Isola went on in a low voice. "Dearest, I am more glad of your marriage than words can say; and, Allegra, love him with all your heart, and never let your lives be partedremember, dearest, never, never let anything upon this earth part you from him."

      The duke shrugged his shoulders.You have been a long while remembering, she said.


      Yes, he said; shes better



      Trafford started at the too ready your grace, and followed the man up to the boudoir in which he had so often sat with Esmeralda.