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      Well, what is it? said Esmeralda. If you think Im going to take this money or go to England with this old mummy without you, youre mistaken.Lady Wyndover stared at her.

      Why? she demanded, with wide-open eyes.

      "Of course he will. He must brazen out the position. He will be there, no doubt, gnashing his teeth behind his prayer-book. If angry looks could kill, you and I would be as dead as Ananias and Sapphira before the end of the service."

      [Pg 260]

      "To London first, and then to India."

      Ralda, Ralda! shouted the crowd, excitedly, and refusing to be pacified. Lets see her, and hear what shes got to say herself.


      "I don't know about the present. I have heard that in the past his reputation was not altogether good."


      He stood looking at her under his knit brows in silence. What could he say? She laughed hysterically.


      She was still standing in the center of the room, looking round her, when Lady Wyndover entered. She was in evening dress, though not in full war-paint, and Esmeralda gazed with grave wonder at the black lace frock, from which her[62] ladyships neck and arms issued like white marble. Lady Wyndover looked her ward up and down.