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      Lord Selvaine smiled his cynical smile.

      Lilias repeated:"She carried nothing but a message?"

      "As if you ever looked at anything selfishly!" said a matron, and there was a patter of hands.

      The room had filled with officers asking "who, how, what?" "Did it himself, to cheat the gallows," Madame heard one answer another as by some fortune she was let in. She found Greenleaf chief in a group busy over the fallen man, who lay in Flora's arms, deadly pale, yet with a strong man's will in every lineament.

      With smiting pity he saw her affright. "Go back!" he once more gasped: "In God's name, go back!" while recklessly he stepped forward out of cover. But in splendid desperation, with all her soul's battle in her eyes--horror, love, defiance, and rending chagrin striving and smiting, she sprang after him into the open, and clutched and twined his arms. The blue skirmish-line, without hearing, saw him; saw, and withheld their fire, fiercely glad that tactics and mercy should for once agree. And Anna saw.(Behind the speaker Miranda, to Constance, made eager hand and lip motions not to open it there.)

      It is so, said Varley; you may take my word for it. Measure out twenty paces, will you?

      You go to Selvaine to-morrow, she said, and ask for Lilias, like a man, and tell him I sent you.


      Your letter to her was given to me, said Trafford, almost inaudibly.


      "At the front?" replied Doctor Sevier to Anna, "why, at the front you'll be kept in the rear, lost in a storm of false rumors."