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      Yes, he exclaimed. But I will tell you all about it, everything, when I have got you to a place of safety, when we have reached Three Star. Tell me what has happened to you. I only reached the camp just before you were carried away, just in time to join in the search for you.Norman! said Trafford, hoarsely. What am I to say? I can only ask you to forgive me. It is I who have wronged you! I have been a fool, a mad foolworse than a fool! I am not fit to stand in the presence of the friend I have wronged!

      Do, said Lord Selvaine, cheerfully. It will give you an appetite; Ive a good mind to accompany you, butwith his little smileIve a better mind to ride.


      That is right, she sung rather than spoke. They meant nothingoh, I am sure of that; though, do you remember how startled she was when she saw Lord Norman on the morning of the wedding?


      Trafford sat in a corner of the smoking-room moodily smoking for half an hour; then, as if unable to remain quiet for a longer period, got up and wandered out again. Esmeralda was never absent from his mind for a moment, and as he strode along the deserted paths under the trees in the park, he asked himself how he could best begin the search. An advertisement in the papers would be of no avail, even if she saw it; the private detective was not to be thought of for a moment. He did not know where to look for herand Norman.




      She is a block of wooda stone! she murmured. You will have hard work to secure her. You will never do it, meeting her only in places like this. Take them for a drive to-morrow. Get her alone with you.