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      He took a long breath, to steady himself, as he joined the Captain, picked out a man on a bay horse that seemed to be the rebels' Captain, and caught his breast fully through the hindsight before he243 pulled the trigger. Through the smoke he saw his man tumble from his horse. and the combs were the only things I could think of at the

      There was a waving of the tops of the bushes, as if the men concealed there had rushed out.

      "Yes, that's a fact!" said Shorty.

      Pen was silent. It was of little moment to her what they thought so they did not know anything."I'm higher than a Colonel," said the General, amusedly, and opening his overcoat a little farther.


      "While he was getting the horse I wrote out, by the fire, a pass for myself through the guards. I was in a hurry, you bet, unt it was all done mighty quick, unt I was on the horse's back unt started. I had lost all direction, but I knowed that I had to go generally to the northeast to get to General Curtis. But I got confused again, unt found I was riding around unt around the camp without getting out at all. I even come up again near the big fire, just where I wrote out the pass.He looked at the address on the envelope. Straight lines had been scratched across with a pin. On these was written, in a cramped, mincing hand:


      Such a thing as a "dandy" was particularly distasteful to him.


      "How'd you git along to-day, Pap," said Si. "I hope you didn't have no trouble."