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      Chapter 7

      "There's no man on my right for me to look toward. What 'm I to do?" complained Gid Mackall.

      "Where one goes, two may go. Where Marvor goes, two may follow, one to lead the other."

      "No, you don't," answered Shorty. "I'm to be the non-commish of this crowd. A Lieutenant'll go along for style, but I'll run the thing.""Sure it can," she said. "But democracy is a civilized commodity, Johnnyin a primitive society it's a luxury the society can't afford. What guarantees have you got that the clan will elect the best possible leader? Or that, having elected him, they'll follow him along the best paths?"

      "Sure," said Si confidently. "You watch the other side o' the bridge and I'll look out for the rest.""Now," commanded Si, getting a good lay of the ground toward the gap, "Attention. All ready? Forward, march."

      to Miss Jerusha Briggs, at this plais, and I will pay the


      "Why shouldn't we be here?" asked Pete, as soon as he could get breath. "Didn't the Captain order us to stay here? Me and Sandy follered you fellers until you jumped inside the works, and the rebels was a runnin'. We stood on top o' the bank and shot at the rebels as fast as we could load our guns. We kept shootin' at 'em till they got clean down to the road. Then we saw the Captain lookin' over our way, and we thought he was comin' over there to skin us alive for leaving the things, and we ducked down behind the bank and run back here as fast as we could fetch it. You ain't goin' to tell the Captain on us, and have us tied up by the thumbs, are you, Corporal? Everything's safe. Nothing's gone. You won't tell, will you?"


      The Alberts, though, didn't want to go in. They huddled, looking at the elevator with big round eyes, muttering to themselves and to each other. Derban spoke up calmly: "This is the same room you were in yesterday. It won't hurt you. Just go through the door. It's all right." But the words had very little effect. A few of the Alberts moved closer and then, discovering that they were alone, hurriedly moved back again. The elevator door remained open, waiting.


      "I don't care if you kill me," whimpered little Pete, as they tied his hands together, "if you'll only let Corp'l Elliott off. He wasn't to blame. It was me."I don't want to lose no more money on baby bets," replied a tantalizing voice. "I'll make it or nothin'. Now, youngster, if y're a man"