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      "It's lik them trains," he said to the chauffeur, "unaccountable strange and furrin-looking at first, but[Pg 449] naun to spik of when you're used to 'em. Well I remember when the first railway train wur run from Rye to Hastingsand most people too frightened to go in it, though it never m?ade more'n ten mile an hour."They sat down on the log, and she immediately crept close to him like a child. He put his arm round her, and once again she thrilled him with her own delightshe stole her arms round his neck, holding his head in the crook of her elbows, and laughed with her mouth against his. Then her hands crept into his hair, and rumpled it, while she whispered like a child finding some new virtue in its toy"How thick! how thick!" At last she drew his head down to her breast, holding it there with both hands while she dipped her kisses on his eyes....

      If you want to know I will tell you, he said.

      In the end it was the Church that won. Reuben went over early the next morning to the Rectory, and made arrangements for Albert's funeral on the following Monday. He enlarged on the conflict he had had with Pete, and was a little dashed by the rector's want of enthusiasm.

      Dominion and might,Her first words startled him.


      Holgrave too, retired; and though secretly rejoicing that, legally speaking, he was as free as when he entered the court, he yet felt bitterly that in the eye of the baron and the barony, he was as much a villein as if he had pronounced every letter, and sealed the declaration with the customary oath.



      Richard now rode up, perceiving the peril of his attendant.