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      Then followed the vassals who held lands for watching and warding the castle. These were considered superior to the other vassals from the peculiar nature of their tenure, as the life-guards, as it were, of their lord.

      Eternally be,

      "Then the gold you speak of was lost?"


      "But it seems that there's a regular riot going onquite a number of people have been hurt, and two ploughlands trodden up. Kadwell went over, but says he can do nothing."If Sir Peter had been alive he would probably have given the common back to the people, but Sir Miles was more far-sighted, also of prouder stuff. Such a policy would give the impression of weakness, and there was always a chance of selling the land piecemeal. Reuben's ambition was to buy a few acres at the end of that year, letting the Squire know of his plan to buy morethis would encourage him to keep Boarzell inclosed, and would act as a check on any weak generosity.



      CHAPTER I"Poor feller, this 'ull be the breaking of him," said Vennal outside the Court-house.