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      At one of the meetings of the Army of the Cumberland Gen. Garfield told a story which may appropriately close this chapter.

      companies in the company streets and inspect every man.When they arrived at their house Si and Shorty arranged the things so as to give the Deacon a most comfortable rest after his trying experiences, and cooked him the best dinner their larder would afford. After dinner they filled him a pipe-full of kinni-kinnick, and the old gentleman sat down to enjoy201 it while Si and Shorty investigated the contents of the carpetsack. They found endless fun in its woeful condition. The butter and honey were smeared over everything, in the rough handling which it had endured. They pulled out the shirt, the socks, the boots, the paper and books, and scraped off carefully as much as they could of the precious honey and butter.

      "The gentleman seems to have something on his mind," grinned Shorty. "Mebbe his dinner didn't set well."Shorty Thinks si Does Not Look Like a Ghost. 118

      "Shorty, I believe that wagon's loaded with hard tack."


      ONE day while Buell was chasing Bragg, two or three weeks after leaving Louisville, the army was pushing forward at a gait that made the cavalry ahead trot half the time to keep out of the way of the infantry. The extraordinary speed that day was due to the fact that there were no rebels in sight. Half a dozen ragged troopers with shotguns, a mile away, would have caused the whole army to halt, form line-of-battle, and stay thera the rest of the day.

      "When I sit down, I prefer a log or a rail; but some men's different."



      "O, massa, save me! save me!" said the negro, jumping up and running toward the Deacon, who had slipped down from the fodder, and was standing in the road.


      "I know better," said Shorty. "I've been watching that piece right along, and he's never been nearer the king-row than he is this minute."Shorty dropped the rail as if he had been shot, and rushed in the direction of the voice. In an instant he came back almost carrying Si Klegg.