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      She looked at her arm.

      No, I never heard of him, said Varley Howard in his listless way. Who was he, anyhow?"Really glad. I feel as if we had been parted for years. No letter to tell me where you were or what you were doing! I began to doubt if you ever cared for me."

      You cant do that, Ralda, he said. Just think a moment. Suppose I did as you want me to do, what do you think your friends would say?

      And presently Mr. Pinchook arrived.

      Whats yer name, stranger? he asked.

      "Blind, am I?" she asked; "I am not so blind as those who have eyes, Doctor Remy. No one saw you open my master's private drawer last evening, during his worst paroxysm, but I heard you open and shut it, distinctly, and the rustling of papers, too."


      You must take your habit with you, he said; and I will choose a horse for you, and I will send down this pair, so that you can ride and drive as often as you please. We must try and make you happy.[Pg 117]


      He laughed again.She landed on the beach at Arcachonpenniless, but with a diamond ring on her wedding fingerher engagement ringwhich she knew, by a careless admission of Martin Disney's, to have cost fifty pounds. She left the milliner, and went into the little town, dreading to meet Lostwithiel at every step. She found a complacent jeweller who was willing to[Pg 317] advance twenty-five Napoleons upon the ring, and promised to return it to her on the receipt of that sum, with only a bagatelle of twenty francs for interest, since Madame would redeem her pledge almost immediately.