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      "I am glad you put in the qualifying 'almost,'" said the curate, "for I hope to taste Captain Hulbert's Schiedam."It was a mild, misty night, and the moon, which had been counted on for the return home, was hidden behind a mass of black cloudsor in the expressive phraseology of one of the foxhunters, had gone to ground. Mrs. Disney waited near the door while Lostwithiel searched for her fly. There were several departures of other muffled figures, features undistinguishable behind Shetland wraps, or furry hoods, as the men hustled their womenkind into the carriages. It seemed an age to Isola, waiting there alone in the corridor, and seeing no mortal whom she knew among those passersby, before Lostwithiel came, hurried and breathless, to say that her carriage was just coming up to the door.

      "Good night," said Isola. "I'm afraid that I shall be very late."

      "Ah, but you see we don't know her. Her brother has chosen to hold himself aloof from Glenaveril; and I must say I am very glad he has taken that linefor more than one reason."

      "Intensely. They are histories in brick and stone, are they not? I dare say there are stories about this room."

      She did not know, too, that they were all, excepting the duke, watching her and the progress of the marquiss courting."I bring you a gift," said she, in low, rich tones, full of feeling as of melody. "This little, maiden handfree from every claim as from every stainis the best return that I can make for what you have done for me." And, placing Carice's hand in his, she added, solemnly:"I give it to you, for I have the right: I am the wife of Edmund Roath."

      Esmeralda laughed, as she thought of the solitude of Australia, and the hours she had spent in the hut with only Mother Melinda, asleep in a corner, for company.

      Is he very ill, Melinda? she asked in a whisper.I will trust myself with Miss Chetwynde anywhere, said his grace, gallantly. Though it was a warm afternoon, he was wrapped up in furs, as if it were winter, and he leaned back in the easy carriage with an air of pride and enjoyment in his strength and his companion which caused Lord Selvaine to smile.


      "Come, come, my good soul, don't distress yourself," cried Disney, touched by this emotion. "You loved her; you could not help loving her, could you? And yet you left her."


      Quite, said Esmeralda. You know them all, I suppose?Mr. Crowther turned very red, and then very pale. It was the first time he had been invited to venture his life in defence of his honour; and for the moment it seemed to him that honour was a small thing, a shadowy possession exaggerated into importance by the out-at-elbows and penniless among mankind, who had nothing else to boast of. As if a man who always kept fifty thousand pounds at his bankers, and who had money invested all over the world, would go and risk his life upon the sands of Blankenburgh against a soldier whose retiring allowance was something less than[Pg 179] three hundred a year, and who was perhaps a dead shot. The idea was preposterous!


      "Have you such a very bad opinion of his brother?" asked Allegra, shocked and grieved that any one closely allied to John Hulbert should bear an evil repute.Trafford smiled at the jest, and looked after the carriage thoughtfully.