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      "She is tired after her long journey," said Gwendolen, quickly. "That's all there is amiss."

      I dont mind, he said.They went down the steep pathway, Father Rodwell first, Isola following, between the crowded graves, the azaleas and camelias, veronica and guelder rose, lilac and magnolia, and on either hand a wilderness of roses, red and white.

      "Is it haunted?"

      Call her Esmeralda, said the doctor. I seem to remember some swell with that name.


      "That was not Lord Lostwithiel."


      The first week in the new house was like a week in fairyland. The weather was peerlessa climate that makes people forget there is such a season as winter in the worldand the two girls wandered about in the olive woods and climbed the mule-paths all through the fresh balmy hours or in the hottest noontides sat in the deserted garden or in a sheltered corner near an old stone wellone of those wells which suggest the meeting of Isaac and Rebeccaand Allegra painted while Isola read to her, in the low sweet voice which lent new and individual music to the sweetest verse of her favourites, Byron, Keats, and Shelley.