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      The baroness looked rebuked; and before De Boteler could reply, the two monks left the hall."Well, I wouldn't have married you if you hadn't got none."

      "You wouldn't tell himyou wouldn't be such a sneak. After all, what's a man for, if it isn't to have a bit of fun with? I don't mean anything seriousit's just a joke."

      You may tell your mother this, he said, that I wont be called a seller of bad goods by anybody. If another man did that Id bring a libel action against him to-morrow. Your mother should remember that shes largely dependent on me, and though she may detest me, she must keep a civil tongue in her head about me in my presence. She may say what she pleases of me behind my back, but dont you repeat it to me.His eye fell proudly for a moment on the assembled yeomen, as he took his seat for the first time as Lord of Sudley; but speedily the ceremony commenced.

      This is the proper door to use, when you come to see me, he said.


      The abbot then lowered his staff, the crosierer once more preceded him, and, followed by the monks, he proudly walked forth from the court, the people, as he passed, forming a passage, and humbly bending forward to receive his blessing.


      Reuben was paralysed. His jaw worked convulsively, and he looked at Pete as if he were a specially new and pestilential form of blight.


      A fit of coughing interrupted him. He strained and shook from head to foot. He had no handkerchief, and spat blood on the floor."No, steward," said the spokesman of the smiths, "you are no prisoneryou are at liberty to go as soon as you like; and I would advise you, as a friend, to go quickly, for we men of the forest are not like your Sudley folk." Calverley, in some measure, re-assured by the unexpected mildness of this reply, quickly said,