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      I have had time, he said, bitterly, and I can come to no other conclusion. And you have not heard all. I charged her withher treachery; I had seen them together in the conservatory at Belfayre, hadhis voice grew hoarseseen him kiss her. I charged her with it, andoh, my God! she confessed it, defied me! The next morning she was gone! They were gone! He went without a word!

      It is hot, she assented, drawing a quick breath.If she had known, she would have taken fright, like the deer in the park, which started at her approach. When Trafford came back from his short visit to London, he looked round the hall, where all but Esmeralda were gathered for afternoon tea, as if he missed something.

      "Home again, home again from a foreign shore,"

      [209]Trafford arrived in the afternoon and went straight to the library, and Lilias found him there, seated at the table, with his head in his hands.

      "Now?" whispered the other, "how can that be?" though she knew. "Ah, if I could steal now your heart al-so! But I've stolen, I fear, only--your--confidenze!" Between the words she loosed one hand, stooped and lifted the flower. Each tried to press it to the other's bosom, but it was Anna who yielded.



      Oh, round about Ballarat, said Norman, knocking the ash off his cigar, and continuing: But I didnt have any luck. It was never my good fortune to find a nugget, though[160] the fellows in the next claim fished them out by the pailful. Its all luck, and it was dead against me. He suppressed a sigh, for he thought again of Three Star and Esmeralda.