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      The Brigade Provost-Marshal rode up and sternly demanded what the disturbance was about. Shorty began a hot harrangue against young staff officers generally, and this particular offender, but Si got his arm across his mouth and muffled his speech. The Provost listened to the Aid's bitter indictment against both Si and Shorty.

      "And what about Odiam?" asked Ticehurst of Hole. "I haven't seen Backfield these three weeks, but there's a tale going r?ound as how the commissioners have bin tedious sharp, and done him out of everything he hoped to getsurelye!"

      He dipped his finger into the pan, and sucked it.PROLOGUE THE CHALLENGE Chapter 1

      I'm asking for your support, then, as a matter of practical politics. In a risky matter like this one, support can make all the difference between....

      "I'm tiredlet's sit down and rest a bit."



      Let angels prostrate fall.


      "Oh!" cried Tilly.