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      "Robby, Robby...."

      And the last enemy to be destroyed is Love.Reuben cursed the base trucksters who had brought it forward, and he cursed the scummy versifier who was its laureatewhose verses appeared daily on six-foot hoardings, and were sung by drunken Radicals to drown his speeches. No one knew who the Radical poet was, for his party kept him a mystery, fearful, no doubt, lest he should be bribed by the other side. Some said that he was a London journalist, sent down in despair by the Liberals at head-quarters. If so they must have congratulated themselves on their forlorn hope, for the tide of events changed completely.

      "My child is well now!" said Margaret in a stifled voice.

      Caro went crimson to the roots of her hair, and began pulling on her stockings. Rose continued to splash her feet in the water, glancing sidelong at Handshut."Lard, boy!and why should you care if they d?an't?"

      "Well, wot I want to know is why you dudn't tell me all this afore."

      All flushed with pity she realised the bitterness of his fatehe who was so young and strong and clean and gay, had been degraded, shamed by her father, whom in that moment she looked upon entirely as a brute. It must not be. He had been so good to her, so friendly and courteous in their Sunday walksshe must not let him go away from her shamed and beaten.


      In the course of the following year Reuben had news of all his absent sons, except Benjamin, who was never heard of again.



      Cadnan and Dara ran crazily out into the darkness. The building fell behind them and the jungle was ahead: still they ran, but Cadnan felt the ground, bumpy instead of smooth, and stumbled once, nearly falling. He saw Dara ahead of him. Getting up and beginning again was automatic: panic beat at him. The noise grew and grew. His feet moved, his heart thudded....