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      I couldn't say more, my voice stuck in my throat.

      Nor deem I that she comes as his ally,

      "An additional proof of her clever and wonderfully logical mind," said Hetty.

      I dare do any wrong for sovereign power

      "I have a plan already arranged. It requires a great sacrifice, but you will have to make it. Give me those diamonds."



      For the rest most houses in the market-place were on fire. Soldiers were billeted on one of the corner houses, and I was of course detained there, but released again, after having been requested to show up the francs-tireurs. I had to consider also where I might pass the night in this burning city? I asked an officer's consent to stay the night with the soldiers. He gave his permission if I could get the consent of the commanding officer, whom I might find at the station; he told me that he was sure to grant it.


      The supposed Mr. Everdail scribbled a note which he handed back to Sandy, who caught his idea of dropping instructions on the deck of the yacht.